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Hebrew Calendar

This application provides a Hebrew Calendar, or Luach, designed to look and behave similar to the built in Calendar application.

The following features are provided:

– Jewish Holidays
— Support for Diaspora or Israel Sedra schemes.
— English translations provided for Hebrew holiday names.

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– Hebrew and Gregorian dates provided for all events, holidays, etc.
– Event Engine
— Setup events, anniversaries, appointments, birthdays, holidays, meetings and yahrzeits.
— Set title, location, event type, calendar (Hebrew or Gregorian), start/end time, recurrence, notes and reminders.
– Three views, identical to built in iPhone Calendar application.
— List View provides a quick reference to all events, holidays, etc. for 3 months back and 1 year forward.
— Hebrew and Gregorian Month Views provide infinitely navigable monthly views of the Hebrew Calendar and its holidays.


— Day View provides an hourly display of the day’s events.
– Configurable Zmanim

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— Based on Location information
— Grah or Megen Avraham calculations


— Alot HaShachar (Dawn), Netz Hachamah(Sunrise), Chatzot (Midday), Shkiah(Sunset) and Tzet HaKochavim (Dusk)
— Latest Shema
— Latest Tefillah
— Minchah Gedolah
— Minchah Ketanah
— Plag Haminchah
— Shabbat Begin/End times

If you have comments, question, suggestions, or feedback please send it to [email protected] Please let me know how you use the application, what features you like/dislike and what you’d like to see in future updates.

– Fixed date refresh issue when re-opening application.
– Added support email link in settings.

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