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Helical Tweet : Streaming Tweets Signage

HelicalTweet takes a continuous stream of Tweets and displays them across a rotating helix.
The stream content is updated automatically, so all you need to do is run the application once and then leave it running on the side of your desk; have your very own iPad Tweet stream media application.

Streaming Modes
There are two ways to access Tweet streams:

– User Streaming Mode
Accesses Tweets of users you are following.

– Filter Streaming Mode

Steve Jobs

Accesses Tweets containing particular keywords.

Tweet Speech Bubbles and Detailed Views
– Tap on a Tweet profile image to display speech bubbles.
– Tap on the Tweet speech bubble to view details of the Tweet.
– From the Tweet detailed view, you can send the Tweet via e-mail or copy its contents.
– Link to Safari or other official Twitter client applications to display the Tweets.


– Set the speech bubbles to be displayed automatically, and also change their display interval.

Other Functionality
– Filter the Tweets to be accessed by specifying one or more languages (Filter Streaming Mode only).
– Choose to hide all Retweets or Tweets containing specific characters.

chris burrous

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Post new Tweets or Tweets with attached screenshots.
– Change the speed of automatic rotation of the helix.
– Swipe the helix left and right to change the direction of rotation.

Important Notes
– You need to already have a Twitter account (save your details on the Twitter account settings screen under iOS Settings).
– To link to other applications, you need to have installed those official Twitter applications beforehand.

– Added User Streaming Mode.
– Added buttons for posting new tweets.

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