Hello – Local communication, reinvented | Best Apps and Games 15 July,2018

Hello – Local communication, reinvented

As of today, messaging is allowed only between users already connected.

What if they are not?

We connect people in public rooms even if they don’t know each other directly.

You’ll have access to a brand new pseudo-anonymous Instant Messaging system (users decide whether remain anonymous) with automatically generated chats

iPhone 6s Plus

based on geofenced places (cities, parks, beaches, libraries, cinemas, hotels, schools, theaters, etc).

You’ll always feel at home! Your hometown chat will be always available.


And don’t forget you can teleport anywhere!

Say Hello to… Hello!

You can now read public messages written when you were away, even if Hello app was closed.

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A lot of bug fixes.

Did you know that keeping Hello in background doesn’t stress your battery life?

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