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Heroes of Atlan

* An EPIC turn-based RPG with hundreds of Heroes to choose from!
* Customize and upgrade your Heroes and build up your party to defeat the Demon King!

iPhone 6s

* Join the saga and play with thousands of players from all across the world!

The Kingdom of Atlan was a place of peace and prosperity until a great evil reigned havoc unto the world. The Demon King Beelzebub had emerged, bringing with him pure and unfettered destruction, and leaving only chaos and despair behind him. In one final battle where all hope seemed lost, the Great Sorcerer Magellan and the Guardian Eble had saved the world by sealing away the Demon King! However, after a thousand years of peace, evil still remains and his fury has reawakened! Rise up Hero, and save the Kingdom of Atlan!

•Create your own customized party of Heroes with their own unique skills.
•Test your abilities by entering weekly tournaments and fight against players from around the world.
•Ride and modify spectacular Airships to excavate treasure.
•Build life-long partnerships with various pets as they assist you on your adventure.
•Hundreds of unique items to upgrade and customize your Heroes.
•Invite your friends or make new ones to help you along your journey.
•Join or form a guild to partake in intense guild battles and fight massive bosses.

A stable network connection is required to play.
Join our Facebook Community and visit our forums to expand your adventures even further!

•Official Game Website: heroesofatlan.com
•Official Facebook Fanpage: http://facebook.com/HeroesOfAtlan

iPhone 7 Plus

•Official Forums: http://forum.wemadeusa.com/index.php?/forum/4-heroes-of-atlan/
•Terms of Service: http://wemadeusa.com/etc/terms.asp
•Privacy Policy: http://wemadeusa.com/etc/privacy.asp

Hall of Heroes

iPad Air 3

– Unlock and raise four new Celestial Heroes that have exclusive Skills that will benefit your entire party!

The Celestial Siege

warriors vs kings

– Battle against waves of enemies as you lay siege upon your many opponents in this epic mode!

The Celestial Shop
– Use your rewards from the Celestial Siege and power up the new Celestial Heroes with the items found here!

The following items have been added to the Guild Shop:
– Plating Scrolls 8, 9, & 10
– Rank 9 Emblem Scrolls
– Yellow Flux

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