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Hide My Phone!

The Mobile Privacy App

– Quickly & easily get new private phone numbers – keep your personal number hidden
– Send & receive voice calls and SMS
– Get an unlimited amount of numbers from around the world and manage them all via the Hide My Phone! app
– Includes HMP! Chat – a free anonymous Instant Messenger between Hide My Phone! users

Keep your personal number personal
Hide My Phone! lets you use your phone as if it had a completely new number – all outgoing voice calls and SMSs will appear to have come from your new Hide My Phone! number. This lets you give out a phone number online and in person, without having to give out your real number or worry about losing your privacy.

Why use Hide My Phone!?
Whether you are giving out your number at a bar, posting it online or need a new number from a foreign country while abroad or for business – Hide My Phone! let’s you manage as many numbers as you need and simply dispose of them after you’re finished or keep them for as long as you wish. You can set a custom voicemail message or forward calls to another number – whatever you need your number for, Hide My Phone! lets you do it quickly with no fuss.

More than just new numbers

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Hide My Phone! comes with a bunch of extra features that make it quick and simple to keep your privacy intact and identity hidden:
– HMP! Chat – Free anonymous Instant Messenger
PIN protect your app so that no-one can peek at what you’ve been doing

iPhone 6s Plus

– Delete all call and message history with one click of the Self-destruct button


iOS 8

If you have any issues, you can report your problem from the app or via our website and our dedicated customer service team will be happy to provide assistance.

One login for HMA! users
Existing users of HMA! can use their VPN login details to get instant access to Hide My Phone!

– Super friendly tutorial, shiny new store layout and usability tweaks

– Circular flags!!

– Pest control extermination of assorted bugs and critters

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