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HideMessage Pro – send private messages encrypted into emoticons

Sometimes we want to send secret and private messages – and now you can with HideMessage!

Chat in privacy – with HideMessage! The best way to secure your messages with Emoji & Emoticons!
Secret messaging has never been so fun – and colorful!


► Chat in privacy using HideMessage.
► Encrypt and Decrypt messages using the intuitive application, convert it into emoji & emoticons.

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► Set a password for the message: only your recipient can decrypt the secret meaning!
► It’s great fun to use and highly secretive!
► Chat privately using your favourite apps like Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and more!

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► Use for Dating or some special secret relationships
► Use in any messaging app that support emoji

We all use Emojis but did you know that they can also be top secret codes for another message? With HideMessage you can simply write a message that you would like to encrypt and send it within seconds. The smart and easy to use application will convert it into an Emoji. Once your friend or family member knows how to decode the emoji & emoticons, they can easily decrypt it using your message password and the HideMessage app.

This fun, intuitive application is great to use whenever you are telling someone gossip, important news, stories, jokes or simply anything that you would like to be top-secret. All you have to do is type your message, set a password and share – it’s as easy as 1-2-3… literally! Secret messaging has never been so fun – and colorful with emoji & emoticons!

You can finally chat in confidence knowing that prying eyes will be unable to understand your messages! They won’t realize that your funny Emoji & emoticons are actually top-secret messages!

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