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High Noon 2 – Multiplayer FPS

Are you the deadliest cowboy in the West? Battle shooters from around the world in action packed PVP fights. Set in a big Western town called “The Gulch”, you will be shooting your way to the top in this free multiplayer fps action game.

Each pvp game you play in this fps is super fun: you fight other cowboys to become the best shooter the West has ever seen. Beware though, as the top fighters won’t give up their leading position without a big battle. It’s kill or be killed in this Western multiplayer fps shooter.

How will you become the best gun fighter in town? Will you play with the sniper gun to fight other cowboys with precision? Or will you go for big action with the shot gun, shooting your way to the top? It’s up to you cowboy. “Fight to win or die shooting” as we say here in the West.

To make a long story super short: this multiplayer fps action shooter is the best fun you can have if you’ve always dreamed of being a cowboy in the Wild West. Simply turn your phone into a gun when you play this shooting game and remember: “Fight to win or die shooting”.

– 5/5 "That rush you get when you headshot a complete stranger right before they kill you. Nothing beats it."
– 5/5 "GREAT way to pass the time and get some anger management!!!"
– 5/5 "Amazing I love how u get a freaking sniper at level 3!!!"

– Free to play
– The only authentic action fps shooter with battles set in an old Western town;
RPG style progression of your character and weapons;
– Try your best to kill players from around the world in real-time multiplayer pvp battles;
– Choose from many different weapon types taken straight from the Wild West, including the President’s revolver, Tsar’s shotgun and the Sniper rifle;
– Fights are even more fun now that you can create big gangs together with all the other top players;
– Selected specifically for the big battles you’re about to play: the best western clothing and other top items, only available in the local Western super market.
– NEW: super precise aiming with upgradable weapons and gun mastery;
– NEW: see pvp stats on yourself and other fighters, helping you to get more kills;

Please note that due to new 3D graphics fights in High Noon 2 only run on the following Apple devices:
– iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

barcelona vs levante

– iPhone 5s, 5c and 5
– iPhone 4, 4s
– iPod Touch 5
– iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2


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– Navigating leaderboards now work properly
– Gold bars behind female gunslingers now display properly
– Option to enter wildcat duel directly if opponent is busy
– Fixed display of RUN button in Arabic in challenge and duel screens

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