Hillary 2016 | Best Apps and Games 24 September,2018

Hillary 2016

The only thing standing between Donald Trump and the presidency is us. Download the new Hillary 2016 app to take small actions every day that’ll add up to helping win this election—and make history. Test your knowledge, get special access, and compete against your friends (and Hillary supporters across the country!) to do the most good.

Download the app before the close of the Democratic convention to get a special badge. (You like badges, right?)

With Hillary 2016, you can:

Complete daily challenges to help elect Hillary Clinton
Get rewards (digital and real-life ones!)
Design your own campaign HQ
Test your knowledge and become an expert on the issues
Compete against your friends and other supporters

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Share news and information (and even do some good old-fashioned organizing)


And, as they say, a whole lot more.

What’s new? Oh, just the fact that for the first time in the history of the US a woman was officially nominated by a major party as a presidential candidate. We think that’s pretty cool.

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