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Himew is a dating application which provide global users to chat and make friends, anytime to greet anyone and say "Hi!". You can use Himew anywhere find, discover and contact your friends and chat with each other, the application supports instant translation, photo sharing and more extensive features to help you find your soulmate.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

iOS 9

1. Instant messages received and sent, make communication more convenient, chat more quickly.
2. The new translation experience, click on the "Tr" to translate, convenient, fast, real-time translation.
3. Set a personalized avatar and space background image to your friend to show your personality and beauty.

iPhone 7

4. Upload instant photos and album pictures, update your personal information and share all aspects of life with your friends.
5. A key is added to the friends list, keep track of his/her status and information easier to find his/her news.
6. Visitor Record List to master your visitor information, easy viewing someone who visited you.
7. Strict privacy policy to protect your information anytime, anywhere.
8. Provide multi-language switching, change password, vibration and message alert settings, and in-app purchase to upgrade our membership.

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