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Home Food Storage (Pantry, Prep or Grocery)

How much food do you have in your home?
Organize, scan and achieve your home food storage goals the easy way.
Home Food Storage will help you whether you’re just starting or have a well-established plan.

Barcode Scanning
* Optimized scanner for standard UPC/EAN item barcodes.
* Online lookup with details on 20,000+ everyday items. You may also opt-in and contribute back item details for new or unknown items.

iPhone 6s Plus

* Easy to use — detects both vertically- and horizontally-oriented barcodes.
* Manual barcode number entry/search available. (Enter all digits from the barcode.)
* Note: Scanning requires auto-focus camera (iPhone 3GS and newer; iPad 2 also works well).

Shopping List
* Use the Shopping List option to plan specific item quantities to purchase.
* Track pricing history with amounts, places and dates.

* Track items with quantity, weight, locations, prices, expiration dates, shelf life, consumption rate and more
* Organize items into a preloaded, editable hierarchy to provide instant insight into your storage plan at multiple levels.
* Can handle every type of everyday item, including money.

* Personalize and improve your storage organization by tracking locations for your items.

Quantity Sets
* Divide quantities of an item into multiple locations and multiple expiration dates

* Personalize your plan based on family size
* Set specific time goals and amounts for different item types
* Set quantity goals on individual items

iPad Air 4

* Plan item usage based on shelf life and expected consumption rate


glenn close

iPhone 7 Plus

* Download selected Emergency Preparedness documents and have them available at a moment’s notice.

Reports & Lists
* Fast access to the following item lists:
– All Items
– Shopping List
– Items Below Goal
– Items Expiring Soon
– Items needing Weight/Volume
– Items Not Recently Updated

Database Transfer
* Copy/Backup your entire database between iOS devices.

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License Information: This software uses the open source ZBar Barcode Reader library, version 1.2.2, which is licensed under the LGPL v2.1 and is available from http://zbar.sourceforge.net/iphone

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