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Home Teaching Reporter

FINALLY! What every EQ, RS, HP presidency has been waiting for! Import districts, comps, and families from MLS. Members report their HT/VT with a tap of a button. Reports and changes are synced seamlessly. THIS IS REALLY IT!!

**********ADMINS (presidency members)*********
-Built by EQ Presidency members for EQ/RS/HP presidency members
-Simply create the group and add presidency members as admins
-Import districts, companionships, and families to your group directly from MLS or manually create them.
-Invite ward members to your group with a click of a button.
-View HT/VT reports from members by month and organized into districts/companionships
-View and keep confidential notes (seen only by admins) about each visit and family


-View graphs and reports by month including: taught, not taught, and unreported; unassigned families and teachers; untaught families; and quarterly reports


-Changes are tracked and logged so you can keep MLS updated accordingly

*****************DISTRICT LEADERS****************

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-View and update reports for companionships and families assigned to you as a District Leader

*********STANDARD USERS (ward members)********
-Members simply tap √ or X to report their home teaching. Members may also add a note to each reported visit
-Updates to companionships and families are immediately pushed to the members
-All notes are confidential and can only be seen by the member reporting and admins

*****************WEB VERSION *********************
A simplified web version of the app can be accessed at hometeachingreporter.com.

Note: Groups must be created on a mobile device. Once created, members may login using the URL listed above.

– Integration with other mobile platforms
– New "Unlimited Access" option available: one time purchase allows you to grant admin and reports access to anyone indefinitely without additional purchase.

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– Ability to have more than three teachers in a companionship
– Ability to be assigned to more than one companionship
– Increased Security and Performance

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