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Horizon Call

Horizon Call is a low bandwidth mobile telephone-app that enables you to connect with any landline or mobile phone around the world, straight from your smartphones data connection.

Horizon Call is not restricted to operating over a WiFi connection, so even in areas where you’re limited to EDGE (2G) or 3G you can still call your friends and family, without sacrificing call quality.

Horizon Call has been purposefully designed to only use a fraction of the data compared to other mobile voice apps, meaning that you only pay a fraction of the cost, especially when roaming or calling abroad.

Horizon Call uses advanced technology to ensure high quality voice calls over data connections allowing over 30 minutes of talking per Megabyte. Compare us to other mobile VoIP solutions that use a Megabyte per minute or more.

One of the major benefits of downloading Horizon Call is that you can speak to other users at no additional cost, with free app-to-app calls*. However, the app is non-exclusive so you can also contact people without the app, for the lowest price-per-minute rates.

With Horizon’s up-to-second data counter, you can constantly monitor how much data you are using during your call. This will be displayed in either a kilobytes per/second format, or as a countdown of your remaining available units.

Horizon Call syncs with your existing mobile address book, allowing you to make or receive a call using the same process as a standard smartphone. However, if calling isn’t convenient for you then alternatively you could send your contacts a text message, or leave them a voicemail, directly from your app.


– Call any mobile, fixed landline, or other Horizon Call app.
– Send text messages, voicemails, pictures, videos and your current GPS location.
– Group Messages.
– On-net voice calls, texts and voicemails are exempt from any per minute calling rates.

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iOS 8.1


– Calls can be made over any mobile data connection: 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G, 3.9G, 4G and WiFi.

* Data rates from your Mobile Network Operator do apply.

No charge on progress media


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