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House Flip Analyzer

House Flip Analyzer

Whether you plan to flip, rent or own, this is the best tool you can buy to understand the process. HFA gives you the knowledge to make sound decisions on the spot!

Know potential profits in advance
Understand the impact of time on your profit
Immediately see your Return on Investment (ROI)


Explore and experiment with what-if scenarios

iPhone 7s

Evaluate rental property cash-flows


Plan your target return and see your minimum rent
Simply calculate mortgages as you look at properties

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Email results to a spreadsheet and hardcopy

Get support at

See a complete explanation of the data fields – download clear documentation written for the laymen on our website.

Try it, experiment and send us your feedback.

Learn, have fun, make money!

Rob Feihel
SwapMeet Consulting

Verified support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus – add screenshots
Updated the "Sale Date" routine

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