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hr – Task timer as simple as it's name

hr – short for hour – tracks your hours. It’s minimalistic, clean and easy-to-use, yet powerful time tracking app for your Mac’s menu bar.

• Keep your projects and clients organized with categories.


• Manage your tasks, prioritize them by dragging to the right, archive by marking them finished. Press Play to start timing.
• View and easily edit each session used on your tasks. Right-Click to merge selected sessions.
• Record time used on your tasks. Automatically pause on idle or after specified interval (pomodoro technique).


• Edit your task’s properties, add notes and allocated hours.
• Press the Export-button or right-click a task/category to export as CSV.

• Added: Notification when idle-pause fires

nz vs pak

• Changed: Auto-Pause behavior changed from "Pause At" to "Pause Every"


• Changed: Bigger click-area to change task’s priority
• Changed: Exported hours use two decimals
• Fixed: Issue when starting a session with multiple tasks selected
• Fixed: Minor bug fixes and enhancements

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