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hyperPad – Create Interactive Apps

hyperPad is a powerful and easy to use platform to create amazing interactive apps.

Bring your imagination to life by creating apps like games, books, presentations, brochures, kiosks, and more! Your imagination is your limit.

hyperPad is made for everyone, you don’t have to be a developer to create an interactive experience.

Our easy to use drag and drop behaviour editor removes the need for traditional programming, while still providing you with all the power you need to make a compelling interactive app.

With a tap of a button, you can export your creation and have it ready to be published to the App Store!

If you liked GamePress, you’ll LOVE hyperPad!

Subscription levels:

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hyperPad Pro (autorenewing): $9.99 monthly, $99.99 (save 17%) annually

iPhone 7 Plus

– Unlimited Xcode exports for App Store publishing (Needs iOS Developer Account and a Mac)
– In-depth e-mail support

iPad Pro

– Opt-in beta access through TestFlight

Privacy and Terms of Use:

Huge update incoming!!

hyperPad has a completely new look and feel! Everything is more swift, brighter, and more colorful!

We’re using a brand new graphics engine, so you can expect your projects to be up to 300x faster than before.

With this new graphics engine, we’re using a new physics engine too!

The new physics and graphics upgrades also allow for 60fps! So expect physics and other movements to be silky smooth 🙂

hyperPad finally supports retina graphics! Any new graphic you import will be used as the retina version and a standard resolution version will be automatically created for you.

We’ve also included a brand new asset library that makes importing and organization much easier! Create folders, move around assets its up to you! The asset library is also much faster than before. So you don’t need to deal with it slowing down after adding a bunch of assets.

Along with the new asset library, you can sync your project with Dropbox! You can use this to add or edit assets right from your computer! Anytime you change an asset, it will automatically update in the editor!

You can also import your own BMFonts and sprite sheets using the Dropbox sync feature!

We also added the ability to add animations to graphics from the new asset library! Press and hold assets, and you have a bunch of options to work with!

Particles and sounds can now be objects to drag into your scene. So you don’t need to add a behaviour to beautify your scene, do everything right from the editor!

Speaking of the editor, we’ve moved the global UI into the layers bar so you can edit global UI right from the main editor! We also gave each scene its own UI layer too so you can have UI elements specific to each scene!

We also added other cool features like 64 bit support, show fps when testing, other performance and improvements and tonnes of bug fixes!

Phew! That’s was a lot to go though!

Here are a few changes you might have to make to your projects:
Can’t change graphic of empty objects

Can’t covert any objects into empty objects.

Walls don’t trigger collisions with other walls

Passable Objects now trigger collisions with other passable objects

Rotation of 0 is at the top of the object. For example, when shooting and offset rotation is 0, the bullet comes out of the top of the object.

Move Actions completely cancel each other out. The call back of a cancelled move action is not triggered if it is interrupted.

If you want the bounciness property to work, you must set a non-zero bounciness on both objects you want. The net bounce is calculated from the product of the two individual bounciness numbers. (Example, you want ball to bounce, set bounciness of 10, and then set a bounciness of 1 on the walls that you want to be bouncy). By default everything is 0.

Collided behaviour, the top/bottom/left/right has been fixed. This now accurately refers to Object B. For example, Object A collides with the top/bottom/left/right of object B

Frictional Forces are a bit weaker than before. May require tweaks.

Joystick Controlled, tilt controlled, and jump will only work on Physics Objects

Collision body completely removed during scaling

Lock rotation can no longer only lock the graphic’s rotation. It will affect both the collision’s rotation and the graphics.

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