HyperStudio 5 | Best Apps and Games 18 April,2018

HyperStudio 5

Use one program for all your media-centric projects. Whether your focus is writing, drawing, painting, making animations or movies, HyperStudio allows you to create, edit, import, and fuse these elements into impressive projects that can be shared in all the ways you expect: Web, podcasts, YouTube, and so on.

Create projects with game-like interactivity, Arduino control, one-click links to Google Earth and Maps, movies with subtitles and masks, layer animations and multiple movies with different transparencies, and even green-screen videos.

With HyperStudio’s intuitive drag-and-drop environment, automatic attributions for items brought in from the Web, iLife integration, and collaborative possibilities using DropBox, HyperStudio offers more project style options than any other creative authoring program.

– Create your own "green-screen" videos that put you right into your project as an "interactive video figure". Narrate your project, or create board games with you as the interactive "player" right in the game!
– Your projects can now interact with real-world temperature, light, and pressure sensors, as well as motors and servos using the Arduino microcontroller. Many new types of robotics, science and engineering projects are now possible.


– Play subsections of the same movie or sound with multiple buttons, and more precisely set beginning and end points using the arrow keys.
– Multi-touch inputs such as newer Apple trackpads, Magic Trackpad and new interactive whiteboards are now supported so that you can scale and rotate objects in the browse mode.
– More flexible card-to-card timing and transitions when exporting as a card-to-card movie.


– Easier cropping of graphic objects.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish


– Automatic Timer for "Arriving at Card". This is a very handy way to have text boxes, animations, or anything else start after a preset delay when arriving at a card.

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