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iAction for iPad

Out now for your iPad!

iAction – where your actions have purpose.
The App that helps you take actions to fulfil your goals.

The difference which makes a difference…

Personal Success Stories:
"There are few (if any) apps that take this total life and goal/mission-centered approach and iAction enables me to think about, plan, and do those things that ultimately have meaning in my life." – Karen, USA

"I cannot stress enough how much the App has helped focus my desire and turn things into reality!" – David, London UK

"Suddenly I feel that all the small things I’m doing are a real part of something, and I’m excited for the next steps, no matter how small, as I know they’re all important." – Jack, San Diego

It works because you make your goals based on your mission statement.

***You can read all the self-help books you want, and attend all the courses you can afford, but until you start putting things into action you won’t get any results.***

> iAction is the revolutionary new way to tailor and simplify your daily and future tasks!
> Personally control and drive your busy daily schedule the way you want to!
> Make time to enjoy a better quality of life – to have fun doing the things you really want to!

Do you find yourself with a calendar that does everything you wish – but YOU aren’t doing everything you wish?

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Perhaps you simply find it difficult to make time for the things you always wanted to do?

iPhone 7s

Maybe you fill your calendar with the best intentions but end up putting off your plans or giving up on them?
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iAction is the real productivity App.
You WILL be taken on a step-by-step process to help you identify what you want, and base your goals around it.
You WILL create your vision based on your passions in life, and will carry it with you wherever you are.
You WILL determine the actions you need to take to reach your vision.
You WILL create a weekly schedule to achieve the goals you truly desire.
You WILL be guided to transform these goals into actions.
This WILL be the first and only goals-oriented calendar you check to plan your week.


iPhone 6

"iAction – the App, which takes you from knowledge of yourself to action to be yourself… "

This has all the essential features to combine goal setting and goal reaching:

> Personal statement screen to have with you at all times to view and to edit!
> Create long term goals or one-off actions!
> Attach actions to goals!
> Colour coded by area of your life!
> Customisable colour scheme!
> Alarms and repeats for events!

iPhone 7

> Customisable views including daily, weekly, monthly and list!
> View past events to create future actions!
> Encouragement to monitor your progress weekly!
> Based on proven psychology methods!

Now with:
> Smart one-way Google Calendar and iCal syncing!
> In-App Tutorial Walk-Through Guide!
> Add target dates for long term goals!
> Direct connectivity to customised demo video and information!
> Attach photos to goals and actions!
> Specific day selecting for events!

iAction is structured in such a way so that you become motivated to reach the goals you set for yourself – try it and see for yourself!

This is a stand-alone App for you to use to transform your way of life. iAction has been developed to be the difference which makes THE difference in your personal growth.

For a more comprehensive assistance guide please check out the website link below.

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