iBadge – ID Generator | Best Apps and Games 16 February,2019

iBadge – ID Generator

Do you want to surprise your friends, coworkers and family?

Trick your friends into thinking that you are:

an FBI agent


a Real Cop
a Zombie killer
a KGB Agent


a Millionaire
an International Special Agent
a Professional Photographer
a Salsa Dancer
and many more…

Also you have the following cards:

Beware with the Dog (put a cute photo of your pet)


"Facebook.Me" to show to your pals.

This is a really easy and cool application to use. Just change your name and picture, select your iD/badge/Card. Press Done. Now you are ready to show off your card to everyone.

You can add your own photo (or the picture of a friend of you).

Do you want a new card that you have in mind? Please go to our website and tell us!

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are very important to us.

contact us: [email protected]

Fixed Beware
Now works with iPhone4

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