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注意: 從版本2.0之後, iBBS HD支援SSH連線, 您可以使用iBBS HD透過SSH協定, 連線至server進行管理.

iBBS HD,好用的iPad BBS連線軟體. 超高的解析度及精心設計的介面, 讓使用者有最佳的BBS瀏覽經驗.

-支援手勢操作, 讓使用者可清鬆簡易地瀏覽BBS站台. 請觸碰在BBS站台列表頁面正上方的"i"(information)按鍵, 來讀取說明檔以取得更多的資訊或瀏覽支援網站.

-可透過BBS頁面, 瀏覽網際網路頁面.






Note: from version 2.0, iBBS HD supports SSH protocal, you could use iBBS HD to connect your server for management through SSH connection.

iBBS HD is a mobile telnet client software specially for connecting BBS on iPad. The super high resolution and smartly designed UI make you have the best experience of browsing BBS site.

-Gesture support, which make user browse BBS site easier and more intuitively. Please touch the "i"(information) button

iPhone 7 Plus


on top of first BBS site list view to read help document for more information or visit support web site.

air quality

iPhone 6


-Web view support, you can link to web page via BBS site.

-Easily open a connection by selecting a BBS site in a list.

-Enable to add, edit, and store BBS site profiles.

-Smooth operation via WiFi and 3G/GPRS connection.

-Supports iPad built-in keyboards for posting articles on BBS.

-Auto account login enabled by editing site profiles.

-Fit the habit of most BBS users on PC/Mac for up/down/left/right keys arranged on the right side of UI screen vertically.

-最佳化文字版面配置, 使BBS頁面更加漂亮

-optimize text layout to make BBS view look more beautiful

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