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iBookWriterLite – Write Books (iPad Edition)

About iBookWriterLite

iBookWriterLite is a simple, flexible, and cost-effective application to write books/notes/draw diagrams etc on your iPad.
You can simply write a book, upload and publish it on the internet for free.
Books can be arranged in a collection inside an agile bookshelf. They can be exported or a back up can be created in the book


– Write, Share and Organize Books/Notes/Stories for iPad.

iPhone 7

– Complete data is stored locally on the iPad unless the book is published.
– Handwritten notes can be saved inside paint book.
– Books can be exported to PDF/MOBI/EPUB format
– Books for Kindle and iBooks can be created.

dee ford

– Task management can completely be done by using stickies which can be added inside the bookshelf
– Pages can be bookmarked and the Table of Content is generated automatically.
– Photo Frame can be added inside the bookshelf and the photo inside the frame can be updated.
– Images and Websites can be embedded inside the page.


– Book Cover can be customised by the user.
– User can share books with friends and colleagues.

Please visit agileboard.com for more information.

1. Compatible with iOS 8.1


2. Backward Compatibility – Old data will not be lost
3. Books can be exported to PDF/EPUB/MOBI/TXT format
4. Other minor bugs fixed.

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