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iCal Widget

NO need to unlock your device to see your calendar events!!!
Day or week timeline view to see ALL your iPhone calendar events from the notification center.

The app is used to view existing events from the iPhone calendar, with the following features:

․ Day timeline
․ Week timeline
․ Scroll through 24 hours

iPhone 6s Plus

․ Scroll through days and weeks
․ Tap on event to open event or iPhone calendar
․ Handles complicated event overlapping

Scroll through the full 24 hours, scroll through days and weeks. The app remembers the last screen the user was in.

The app allows the user to:
– configure which days to show/hide in the widget
– The first day of the week
– can view up to 7 days


– can view up to 13 hours and the rest can be viewed by scrolling up or down the hours from the left
– Click on day header label to go to day view mode

To show 5 days instead of 7 days, do the following:
> Go to "Days to show" setting and just select five days
> Go to "Number of days" setting and choose 5 days

More features will be added soon!
Please send us what you want! We will add it!

added option to selected which days of week to show up in a week
added option to choose first day of week

iPhone 6s

added 24 hours format option

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