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iCattleMgrPro is an essential tool for management of cattle and other livestock in agricultural operations. It covers over 90 pieces of information about the health, well being and status of your livestock inventory. Integrated with all your mobile devices through iCloud. Your team can have up to date status and inventory information across all
devices. Your data is stored and backed up through iCloud so it is always safe. We also provide the ability to backup your data locally on your PC or Mac. There are an unlimited set of species/categories. The
app is pre seeded with over 15 species and 1060 breeds.

Each Animal record can have a picture from your camera or photo library.


It has Sire, Dam and Surrogate information as well as birth,
identification, performance and more. This information can be shared with anyone through a PDF report.

ICattleMgrPro is bundled with the following additional modules.

iPad Pro


iPhone 7s

Data Sharing (BlueTooth and iCloud)

We can also help with migration from other livestock management applications.
Contact support for details.

iCattleLog users are automatically upgraded to iCattleMgr and has the ability to migrate the old data.

All of our livestock management suite from iSimpleTypeApp, have the ability to migrate data to each other.
The data is compatible across all the applications. So If you have iPastureMgr and want to use your pasture data in iCattleMgrPro you can import the data through a simple process.

New features are added with every release.
Features come from you, the users and through bugs, suggestions and industry information.

Visit our website icattlemgrpro.com and checkout our live chat support.

Misc fixes for pasture module

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