iClients: Massage Tx | Best Apps and Games 16 October,2018

iClients: Massage Tx

iClients: Massage Tx is a powerful tool for Massage Therapists, Holistic Healers, Relaxation Bodywork professionals, Sports Medicine Therapists, and many others in the business of helping clients relax and heal from the daily damage to their bodies.

iClients: Massage Tx comes loaded with a Client Record database with a 50 client capacity for tracking critical client information including demographics, diagnostic tracking using a Body Map template, tx narrative logging, and much much more.

iClients: Massage Tx allows you to write and export SOAP format client session notes with an easy to use template format that auto fills client data and keeps your documentation focused.

Included in the app are tons of reference materials for study and practice as well as an Ambient Sound Tool based off of our popular iClients: Sessions app.

Check it out!

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