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iClients: Office Suite

At last, all of the powerful components of the iClients series (Toolbox, Sessions, and Assessment & Planning) have been assembled in one powerhouse app that will allow you to take control of most any treatment setting and give you the tools to address a complex and wide range of needs all from one location. This is not just a collection of preview sized “trial parts” from each of the three incredible iClients series hits, but the full versions of each app, rolled perfectly into one easy to navigate and master tool.

Check out everything that’s included:

1. Client Records- Fully input client demographic, diagnostic, and support information right into the app. Of course, secured under 128bit encryption.

2. Client Narratives- Save Client Goals and keep ongoing narratives log on your clients.

3. Sessions is a powerful tool for any therapist, social worker, holistic healer, or individual who wants to incorporate powerful Guided Imagery work into their professional or personal practice. Designed to allow the practitioner the flexibility to choose from multiple scripts covering 6 main focus areas:

•General Relaxation
•Anxiety and Depression

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•Addiction and Recovery

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•Anger Management

•Grief and Loss
•Acceptance and Forgiveness

Sessions offers you the choice of 12 Palettes loaded with Ambient Music and Guided Imagery Scripts to enhance your work with clients. Guided Imagery is a amazing tool and a proven success with helping clients to build cognitive skills to combat and overcome their individual needs. Each Palette features scripts that range from lengthy and deep to quick and simple to provide the practitioner with just the right tool to complete the work.

4. Client Service Note- create and export individual client service notes for documenting intake, assessment, and activities session work.

5. Assessments and Screeners:

Comprehensive Clinical Assessment

Anxiety Screener

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Suicide Intent Scale
Modified Mini Screening Tool

6. Treatment Planning

Person Centered Plan

Mental Health
Treatment Plan
Diagnostic Impression Update

Crisis Planning

Problem Thinking Worksheet

One Page Profile

Safety Contract

Strength and Needs Worksheet

iClients: Office Suite even allows you to customize the document templates with your own logo, name/title/program/agency fields as well as contact footer information.

All documents are saved as you go and then can be exported via email to share with others on the treatment team or saved in a digital client record or printed out.

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