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Idealist — Shopping List Free, Grocery List Free

Idealist is a visual shopping list app that allows you to quickly create your grocery list and saves time when you are in the supermarket.

Main features:
• Apple Watch app — a viewer showing lists and allowing checking bought products
• Visual design — products in the list are grouped into coloured categories
• Fast dictation — the only shopping list that automatically adds products as you speak

iPhone 7

• See what’s left — tap a product to mark it as completed and make it less noticeable
• Efficient UI — designed to minimise taps composing and save time when buying
• Preloaded database — large database of products in many languages

iPad Pro

• Full customisation — add, remove and edit categories and products
• Adjustable text size — list font size is configurable (up to 200%) with All Caps support
• Time and location alarms remind you about your shopping tasks (Full Version)

blue peter

• Sharing lists — send lists via email or message with embedded app link (Full Version)
• Always-on screen mode — disable screen lock when shopping

This is a free version of Idealist with a single list of up to 20 products. It is intended to demostrate the general idea of the app. If you like Idealist’s concept, please consider getting the full version upgrade.

Enter our website to learn more about the app:

iPhone 6 Plus

Media Reviews:

"…The app manages to feel fresh, unique, and highly creative in a category that feels quite saturated. You will be able to put your lists together faster than ever before…"

"…The Idealist is one of those apps where the moment you launch it you feel at ease and the user interface feels inviting. There isn’t much of a learning curve here as everything is very self-explanatory…"

"…The Idealist app for your iPod touch and iPhone is able to effectively change the way you go about creating and using shopping lists…"

( Staff Reviews)

• Fixed a bug that forced lowercase while importing a database.
• Fixed a bug in sending email of the exported text.

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