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idealista now makes searching for a home easy with this new application for iphones and ipads. it’s especially convenient when you’re out and about and want to know if there are any interesting properties in the immediate vicinity.

The idealista application allows you to:

-Find the online offer of flats and houses advertised in your surrounding vicinity, thanks to the geolocation features of the iphone and ipad. The application searches in a maximum radius of 4 kilometres and offers you a list of homes ranked by their proximity to your location.

-Search for flats and houses in the area of your choice, using the search feature where you can enter the street and the city and then browse the list of homes located in that area (even if you’re not there at the time)

-Sort the list of homes according to many different criteria.

-Check the details of the listing, see the map of the property’s location and contact the advertiser.

-Enjoy the image gallery in a much more visual and intuitive format.

New 2.0 version

The application’s new design has greatly increased the the number of search filters, as well as the different possibilities of sorting the lists by proximity, floor level, bedrooms etc. Likewise, there are now more descriptive details offered in each listing. we’ve also added a new image gallery and a list that saves your last search. There is now greater synchronisation with idealista and the overall stability of the application has improved

We’ve chopped a lot of code so that you can now start your search from the list of results and filter as and when you need. Each time you change a filter we will tell you (before loading) how many adverts there are, so you can "perfect" your search. Some users complained that they were being left without results due to over filtering. Now when you search, the app will also notify you if you have any filters active from your last session.

This is also a typical update to resolve errors in which, besides commenting that are all solved, we have little that we can add 🙂

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