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iDoceo – teacher's assistant

iDoceo is your powerful and easy to use teaching assistant for the iPad.

It consists of:

– Fully fledged grade book, configurable and with custom calculations
– Lesson planner: Week/Day views
– Diary: Day/Week/Month/Timeline views of a single class
– Timetable
– Seating plans
– Resource manager that will help you keep track of PDFs, audio,files,links,images, etc.
– Notepads with handwritten text and drawings
– Configurable reports

Its spreadsheet engine will calculate averages in real time as you put information in.
No internet connection is required to use it.

You can insert any kind of information for each class, student and semester visually. No more boring spreadsheets. Scroll , expand, filter, export, import and view your information at any time.

– Add columns, rows and pages to organize your information at will.
– Use configurable editors on each column for ultrafast edition and adapt the grade book to your needs.
– Define your own grades system, apply roundings and automatic color schemes
– Add handwritten notes, files ,images, links, record audio and video , add text or annotations in a cell,student,class,diary, or column header.
– Up to five seating plans per class, with four different views and configurable backgrounds
– Planner for each class, with single day view, week, month and timeline. Add&Edit iCal events.
– Protect your contents with a password
– Landscape, portrait and full screen modes
– Import your data from a XLS or CSV file.


– Import your students photos in bulk or with a single image using face detection features.
– Export everything to native PDF , XLS , or CSV (for any major spreadsheet software)
– Configure your own reports


– Send personalized information and reports to your students by e-mail automatically with their grades, annotations or files
– Filter information of students on screen.

Full backup and restore options with Dropbox/Google Drive/iCloud/WebDAV. Your data is completely safe with iDoceo

Import your current information and use it from today!
Visit our website’s forum at if you have any questions or suggestions for our next updates

Welcome to iDoceo 4
This is a major version please do not forget to backup before updating.
Thank you for all your support and kind comments in the app store.
Please do not forget to rate this new version when you have chance.

Some of the new features in iDoceo 4
– Improved interface and navigation between classes and views
– Configure different themes per class and on the main screen.
– Improved text edition, additional colors bulleted lists and text indentation
– QuickSwitch feature. Switch to another class directly from the grade book view
– Backup now supports iCloud and any other cloud storage service (iOS8 extensions)
– Add handwritten notes and signatures anywhere as a resource.
– Create standalone handwritten notebooks with unlimited pages
– Choose from a wide variety of paper types (lined, math, etc)
– Organize your classes in folders
– Lock/Unlock individual columns to prevent edition&deletion.
– Column summary showing grades distribution on all headers
– Unlimited number of rows&columns
– Freeze columns next to the students names
– Improved students filter, by name, group, or a column condition
– New iconDrop and textDrop tools. Quickly drag&drop data into your grade book or seating plan.
– Improved column creation. List of favourite columns
– Add Excel like mathematical formulas. Mix columns from different tabs, add conditions and functions.


– New grade type: Grade conversion. Scores into percents, seconds and minutes into a grade, scores into text or any other non-linear combination
– Improved PDF reader. Add bookmarks, tracks last page and view thumbnails
– New summary view. Add up to 20 different widgets (graphs,timers, recent resources, search, attendance, etc.)
– New student group generator in the seating plan tools.
– Preview all your reports in iDoceo’s gallery
– New report: ‘Export resources’ will create a ZIP with all your files
– New editor: Fraction

You will find the full list of more than a hundred new features in our web at
Visit our forum or drop us a line with your requests and suggestions for our next update.

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