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*** Get you and your friends in the game… literally! ***

Create characters for you, your friends, your teachers, your boss, etc. and then see them duke it out!

*** One of the most innovative iPhone games ***

Check out the comments from Josh Catone about iFightU; mentioned as one of "10 fantastic iPhone apps that use facebook connect"



iFightU Features:

– Create your own characters and backgrounds
– Use facebook connect to create characters based on your friend’s profile pictures and upload/share your creations using your account.

iPhone 6

– Single Player – Play against the computer with increasing levels of difficulty; How far can you go?

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– Network game – Play against your friends via Bonjour (requires local wifi)


– Duke it out! – Let your characters fight each other to settle any arguments; think of it as a fun way to toss a coin!
– Share your library of characters and backgrounds with your friends via wifi by playing network games

This app requires a chunk of runtime memory specially when creating new characters and may exit if your iPhone is running out of memory, so please make sure you completely exit Safari (by opening Safari and holding the HOME button until Safari closes) or simply restart your iPhone.

I hope you like it, if you find any problems or have any comments or suggestions, please send them to [email protected]

I am a fan of the totally rad show podcast, but if you are not and you are wondering who Jeff, Dan and Alex are, check them out at:



– Combos!
– Improved fighting engine


– Bugfixes

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