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iFootpath – Modern Walking Guides in the Palm of Your Hand

Modern walking Guides in the Palm of Your Hand

"Great app – been looking for a good walking route app for years. "

With more than 640 detailed and mapped walking guides (July 2015) the iFootpath App, along with its partner website iFootpath.com, has been created to inspire people to get out and enjoy beautiful walks across the UK.

iFootpath is made for walking, and only for walking. From town trails to riverside strolls and countryside rambles, we are building a library of walks for everyone to enjoy – be it alone, with your dog or with family and friends.

iFootpath is different. Of course it does provide the ability to collect, edit and share GPS trail data but that’s only the start. The walking guides are beautifully presented and enhanced with richer information optimised for walkers & hikers – descriptions, turn by turn instructions, photos, historical notes, maps showing the GPS trail, what to see along the way and the author’s insight into what makes each walk great.

Key features include:
EXPLORE (The walk library is still growing. UK walk availability varies regionally. Please check the website for coverage details)
– Download walking guides from the store (all free) to take with you
– Find walks near your current location or by name, walk length or county
– Your walking experience is facilitated and enhanced with photographs, turn by turn instructions, descriptions of the area, historical notes and points of interest


– Avoid any wrong turns by following your real time progress along the walking route on the live map
– Works even without mobile signal coverage as walking guides are stored on your phone
– Add your own photos and comments about the walk

– Track your own walking route using your phone’s GPS capability and the intuitive iFootpath tracker
– See your route drawn live on the map while you are on the move
– Keep tracking your route while using other apps or phone functions (iOS 4 required)
– Add waypoints to break your walk into sections and help walkers navigate and find key landmarks & points of interest
– Upload your route to iFootpath.com where you can use the bespoke visual GPS editor to correct any errors, add additional waypoints, reorder waypoints or extend the track to perfect your route

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– Add photos and descriptions on the website and then share with the iFootpath community, family and friends

Continued running of GPS in background can dramatically reduce battery life
iFootpath is based in the UK and is currently UK only

For full details visit iFootpath.com.
Any questions or feedback email [email protected]

– remember walk direction page when map is used
– walk pages now have numbers
– improved refresh feature
– small bug fixes

© 2015 iFootpath – part of OneToRemember LLP


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