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iFUEL by CockpitApps

The iFuel app helps pilots determine the cost benefit analysis of tankering fuel. iFuel calculates fuel purchases at 2 or 3 airports and considers both ramp fees and minimum fuel purchase requirements. iFuel immediately calculates your savings by factoring in fuel prices, taxi fuel, fuel burn, ramp fees, landing fuel, and minimum fuel to waive ramp fee. It shows the user exactly how much money was saved or lost by tankering fuel and / or by paying ramp fees with minimum fuel purchase requirements.

Sometimes it is easy. For example, let’s say a pilot is flying from A to B and the fuel price at A is $5.00 and at B it is $7.50. The mental math is easy and it is clear the pilot should tanker fuel if landing weights permit it.

However, sometimes these "guesses" aren’t so easy. For instance, what if the fuel prices in the example above were $5.50 and $5.00 respectively and there is a ramp fee of $500 at point B, unless you purchase 200 gallons of fuel? Furthermore, what if you don’t really need fuel because you can fly to your next destination without it? What should you do?

iFuel user inputs:
– Fuel price at current airport, destination airport and optional 3rd airport
– Taxi Fuel

royal mint

iPad Air 3

– Reserve Fuel
– Amount of fuel to tanker (tanker option)

iOS 9

– Fuel burn
– Ramp fee (optional)
– Min Fuel purchase to waive ramp fee (optional)

iFuel calculates:
– Trip fuel costs (tanker and non tanker)
– Landing fuel (tankering option)

iPhone 7 Plus

– Cost to Tanker
– Tanker Savings
– Net Tanker Savings (after fee)

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