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iGoal – By Time (iCloud Sync)

"iGoal" follows the 10,000 Hour Rule.
The 10,000 Hour Rule to Achieve Success – in Malcolm Gladwell’s book, "Outliers"
According to Outliers, the magic number of 10,000 hours was the average number of hours in every case someone who want to be the best must spend to achieve their success.

10,000 hours is about 3 hours a day over 10 years. It is very long time and that is why it is very important to care and manage your precious time.
Have you ever experienced that you forgot how many hours you spend to achieve your goals?
And don’t you start again and again because you don’t know where you are or how much you do?

‘iGoal’ will give you great help to achieve your goal.
Based on the idea of the 10,000 hour rule, you make a mind how many hours you will spend for your goals as like language study, perpare SAT/GRE or even learning making pottery.

After diciding the number of hours, ‘iGoal – By Time’ will handle and calculate how many hours you must spend a day and records your committed hours.
You can make your history of your spending hours for your goals.

★ You can check your committed time everyday with timer.
★ Just input your target hours and period then App will cacluate the number of hours that you must spend a day.

iOS 9

★ According to the caculated number of hours from this App, you can easily check and know your goal will be too high or difficult at this time. Then you split as several steps.
★ This App records your spending hours for particular goal and show the rate of percentage. So, you try hard to finish your today’s assigned amounts.

★★★★★ Features ★★★★★
● Synchronize running lists with IPHONE calendar.
● make a goal list.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

● Various ways to input goals(Calulate average hours. Calculate target hours. Calculate due date.)
● seperately show today’s goal lists.

iOS 8.1

● After inputting target hours and period, App calculate and give the number of hours a day which you must spend.
● Show as the percentage that you attain.
● Display average commited hours a day, today’s remaining hours and the remaing days(D-DAY).
● The option to select the week day
● Record starting time and finishing time with timer
● manual time input
● Alarm after finishing today’s target hours. (Select sound from iPod)
● perfect support multitasking(Allow timer to run in the background even when dormant.)
● Supports Multi-Timers
● Supports data backup and recovery with iTunes (linking with Lite version)
● Screen lock to pervent private.
● support Retina display, perfectly.
● Arrange and search goal lists

– Supports iOS v5.0 or higher
– Supports iCloud
– Modified Twitter and Facebook sharing feature for iOS settings (uses iOS sharing data)

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– Compatible with iPhone5
– Miscellaneous bugs fixed

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