iGtalk Pro HD | Best Apps and Games 13 December,2018

iGtalk Pro HD

iGtalk Pro HD is an useful and simple chat software of Google Gtalk and is designed based on Gtalk API interface of Google. With this perfect app, you can talk with your friends smoothly and easily.

One premise: you need have a Google account and open the function of Gtalk.

1 review local weather information
2 login conveniently, including remembering password and logging in automatically
3 extract on-line and off-line message
4 remind message in time
5 save and check chatting history

iOS 8.1

6 add new friends

premium bonds

7 agree or refuse friends application

iOS 9

8 customize prompt sounds
9 delete all friends’ chatting history, or just delete a certain one’s

add some new details

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iPhone 6 Plus