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Built by trial attorneys for trial attorneys, iJury is a tool that will help you select the very best jury for your case. iJury allows you to quickly score juror responses as positive or negative to your case, highlighting each juror so you can know at a glance which ones you should excuse and which ones you should keep. Tell your colleagues about iJury, and visit us at dynamisart.com/support to submit feature requests or testimonials on how iJury has improved your efficiency and effectiveness at trial.

iOS 8 tested and ready.

v4.1.5 Updates
*Easily switch between group and single juror scoring

v4.1.01 Updates

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*Minor bug fixes

v4.1 Updates

iPhone 6s

*Ability to manage questions immediately after creating a new case
*Adjusted tap and hold gesture for rearranging jurors
*Redesign of Questions Archive UI for selecting standard question sets or custom question sets created in other cases while scoring or managing questions.
*Misc bug fixes.

v4.0 Features:
*Streamlined User Interface
*Import Jury Pool Data, Notes, and Questions from CSV Files (http://dynamislaw.com/resources)
*Improved Import/Export Functionality
*Quick Entry for Adding Juror Data — iJury analyzes the text you enter, assigning name, gender, number, and age automatically. Ex. Typing: John Smith Male #34 56 will create John Smith, Male, Number 34, age 56
*Juror Note Auto-Grouping — If a new note matches a note taken about another juror, iJury will automatically group them together

colombia vs chile

iPad Pro

*Advanced Group Scoring and Group Notes
*Track Peremptory Strikes and Dismissals For Cause and Hardship
*Updated Dynamic Bar Charts — iJury charts prospective jurors based on Positive, Negative, and Neutral Scoring, Race, Gender, and Economic Class, giving you a birds eye view of jury pool disposition and possible race, gender, and class bias issues
*Ability to support continued development and innovative new features through in-app purchases

***ALERT pre-v4.0 Updates***
We recommend you take some time to familiarize yourself with this release before using it in the courtroom (i.e. don’t upgrade in the middle of jury selection). The user interface has been completely redesigned. All questions, data and scoring will be preserved, but jurors seated in the previous version will need to be re-seated. Before updating, take a screenshot of the seating area by pressing the Home Button and Sleep/Wake button simultaneously so you can reference the image when re-seating your jurors.

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