Imense Car Check UK | Best Apps and Games 22 May,2018

Imense Car Check UK

Automatic number plate reader (ANPR on the iPhone or iPad) that checks a number plate against a List.


This provides the ideal means for handling event parking where people have pre-paid.

iOS 8

A text file "PlateList.txt" containing a list of number plates and owners can be loaded into the application via iTunes FileSharing.
Format for PlateList.txt is:


REG123B Owner Info

with one line per license plate.

Imense Car Check UK allows a PlateList of up to 3000 registrations and allows unlimited license plate reads and checks against this list.

Ideal for telling who is parked in a building carpark or for managing parking for a small event.

The application also allows read plates to be added to the list along with the time so you can keep track of number plates in your street.

iOS 8 support added. Processing speed increased.

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iOS 8.1