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Ink On – Track word counts, writing time and days in the chair

Start it, revise it, finish it. Stay accountable to your writing goals with Ink On.

Choose your own goals – writing time, word count or simply “Did I write today?” – and track progress. Track by day, by project or both. Make a habit out of your passion.


Write with your favorite tool, be it Word, Scrivener or another platform. Track your progress in Ink On. Whether you prefer to set goals by project, overall or both, Ink On has you covered.

We created Ink On for writers like you who want to:

– Commit to getting in the chair and making the writing process part of your routine. Start by setting simple goals in Ink On, such as writing days for the month.

– Challenge yourself to reach big dreams. If you’ve participated in a writing challenge like NaNoWriMo or Camp NaNoWriMo, you know the power of challenging yourself to a goal. With Ink On, you can set targets and track progress year round.


Track Days in the Chair
– Set a goal for writing days each month. See the days you wrote displayed on your calendar and in a progress graph.
– Purchased the app mid-month? Edit your calendar to reflect what you’ve already accomplished.

Track Writing Time
– Manually add or edit writing time.
– Use the timer to track writing sessions for a project. Start the timer and get writing. Pause the timer to take a break if needed and restart.

Track Word Counts
– Set word count goals by project and record your latest word counts.
– Set an overall word count goal. Choose daily, weekly or monthly word count goals and track progress.

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– Count the number of words you’ve written and enter into the app.

Project View and Calendar View
– Track your word counts, writing time or both by project.
– Track daily word counts, writing time, and writing days in calendar view.
– The data you enter by project is automatically reflected in the calendar view.
– When entering data from the calendar, assign words/time to a particular project.

Add Notes

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– Jot down a note…about where you’re leaving off in the manuscript, ideas for the next day or how you felt during your writing session.
– Notes display in the calendar view, like a journal.

Stay Organized
– Color code your projects. Try using colors to distinguish phases of writing (e.g. brainstorming, writing, or revising) or types of writing (essay, novel, poem, blog post).
– Sort your Projects dashboard by color, completion rate and more.
– Archive completed projects.

Get Analytical
– Monitor your progress with charts.
– Export your progress data to a spreadsheet.
– Revise targets if needed.

Get Visual
– Progress is easy to see with graphical charts.

Sync It Up, Back It Up.
– Use Ink On on multiple devices.
– Back up your data.


$3.99 includes the app, plus sync and backup to our servers. To use sync and backup, you will need to verify your email. This verification will come from Inked Voices. However, purchasing this app does not subscribe you to Inked Voices’ online writing groups service.

Ink On is brought to you by the folks at Inked Voices. Thank you to the many Inked Voices writers who shared feedback with us during the development process. To share your questions or feedback on the app, please email us at [email protected] Your message will be answered by a human being.

•When using the timer, add word counts to a writing session.
•Completed projects. Mark a project complete and archive it. Move the project back to current projects if needed.
•Better calendar-project integration. From the calendar, add words/time to a specific project or to a general writing bucket.
•Improved calendar editing of past days. Edit words and time and assign them to projects. Input projects in progress without skewing stats.


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•The sort button on the projects dashboard saves preferences across sessions.

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