Inknotes Basic | Best Apps and Games 16 June,2019

Inknotes Basic

This basic version let you taste the look and feel of Inknotes a beautiful and innovative note taker, handwriting and sketch App with a sophisticated engine based on a mix of Views and floating Panels. This allows you to have Views with tools where you can interact with drag and drop gestures (move pages, assign stencils, etc).

iPhone 6s

This version have the basic tools that let you have a complete, enjoyable and useful experience even be a productive tool for your work.

Key Features

Page Manager.
Drag and drop Notebooks and Pages.
Move Pages between Notebooks.
Sort pages by dragging them.
Smooth ink and very legible writing.

iPad Pro

iOS 9

Three kind of pencils (gel, pencil, marker)
Smooth zoom in and out (500%)
Full screen page size.
Pre-defined Stencil Manager

women's world cup

Export .png and .pdf format.

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