Insta Like+ for Instagram | Best Apps and Games 25 June,2018

Insta Like+ for Instagram

Get more likes, Get more Instagram followers, with InstaLike!!!

Like up to 30 pictures an hour without being blocked by Instagram. The more pictures you like, the more followers you get.

How it Works:


Step 1: Enter a tag

creed 2

Step 2: Click the InstaLike button
Step 3: Take app to background and continue using your phone for other tasks
Step 4: Wait for the users whose pictures you have liked, to check out your page and follow you.

Guaranteed to increase your Instagram followers!!!

– Automatic likes


– Up to 30 likes an hour
– Does not interfere with your other tasks
– Timed perfectly to make sure you do not get blocked
– Simple and easy to use

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

– View all liked pictures in separate screen

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