InstaCast – TV for Instagram | Best Apps and Games 14 February,2019

InstaCast – TV for Instagram

TV for Instagram – InstaCast allows you to share your favorite photos or videos from your Mac directly to your TV connected to the same network. Yes, straight to your big screen, no need for any additional hardware.

Requirements to get started :
1. To share the images you’ll need an active internet connection.
2. This version of TV for Instagram – InstaCast supports:

• Western Digital Media Players (WD TV Live, WD TV Live Plus, WD TV Live Hub)
• Samsung SmartTVs


• Sony Bravia SmartTVs
• Panasonic Viera TVs
• Philips SmartTVs
• Toshiba SmartTVs


• Sharp TVs
• LG Connected TVs

MacBook Air

• Xbox 360


• Xbox One

Use the TV for Instagram – InstaCast app to :

• Native Instagram experience for your Mac
• Share images across all internet connected SmartTV’s and Chromecast devices

Note that while using the app, an internet connection is required. Sparkling Apps is not responsible for charges by your internet provider.

TV for Instagram – InstaCast is not associated with, endorsed by or affiliated with Instagram.

– Like/Unlike media from app.
– Added Search functionality.
– UI improvements.

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