InstaLikes for Instagram | Best Apps and Games 16 June,2019

InstaLikes for Instagram

Instagram likes for free!! You can get a lot of Instagram likes for free . This app gives you Instagram likes as you want and it is for free .

This app is social like app . You likes pictures and others likes your pictures too . So you can get infinite likes with this app. Real likes just like you and real notifications .

This version is not contains notification but i will add notification feature . So you can notify when and how many likes you earned with this app . Instaliker 1000 – Get Likes on Instagram for Free! apps gives less like with high money . This app is completely free and gives most likes

Come everyday and get 25 for free .


iPhone 6 Plus

Come every hour and get bonuses

Have fun and have likes 🙂

* Fixed push problem


* More Likes

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