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Think with your fingers: your quick doodle turns flows into flowcharts, concepts into concept maps. The pocket whiteboard for your brainstorms, mind maps and diagrams — Instaviz visualizes it all instantly!

“Here’s what I like about it, I don’t have to worry about picking tools to draw the various shapes — I have a tool right here: it’s my finger!” — 5/5 Terry White, Adobe Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist, BestAppSite.


Just sketch some rough shapes, type in some text, then link them together. Instaviz neatens the shapes and arranges them elegantly as you work — out pops a beautiful, tidy diagram. No fussing about with precise appearance or absolute placement, or getting stuck in popups, gadgets, modes or menus.

“Instaviz’s impressive strength is the way that it intelligently rearranges your flowchart for an optimal layout on the fly. Watching boxes and lines reorganize when you’ve got your flowchart into a jumble, by not planning ahead sufficiently, is quite cathartic.” — 4.5/5 Stephen Northcott, Touch Reviews.


Next, refine your ideas with font, color, shape and style. Focus in on one of the 25 different settings. Then pick from 300+ fonts, 280 label sizes, 36 colors, 18 alternate shapes, 18 arrow heads, 10 graph styles, 8 border/line styles and 3 label positions. We carefully marshalled this army of options so that your every order is carried out quickly and exactly.

“If you’ve ever made a flowchart, you know how complicated they can be. It’s easy enough to create the nodes, but then you need to organize everything so that the chain of events is clear and evident. Instaviz’s goal is to take the hard work out of the process and make it more intuitive. To that end, it wholly succeeds.” —
3/4 Grant Holzhauer, Padvance.


It’s now time to share your work with others. Let Instaviz pick the best format, or choose one from Instaviz, Graphviz DOT, Visio VDX, PDF, SVG or PNG. Then show it to the world through email, message, print, AirDrop, DropBox, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, WhatsApp or any available share extensions on iOS 8.

“We love Instaviz. Imagine a white board, and then imagine all that creative power, in your pocket. You don’t need to bring anything with you. Simply you, your ideas, your thought-process, and your finger.” — 4/5 Aaron Hirst, 148Apps.

• Fix Facebook sharing
• Fix some graphs not migrating
• Fix crash when opening some old graphs


• Fix crash when viewing too much help

• Edit labels inline
• Edit labels immediately when creating nodes
• Double "return" for sibling item

• Clustering: create, add node, remove nodes
• Reorder nodes
• Select many/all items
• Editing menu: cut, copy, paste, delete


• Undo and redo

• Scrub through different settings
• Better color settings
• Better font settings
• Better style settings
• New shape, arrow head/tail settings
• New label size, position settings
• New clear color
• Settings apply immediately

• Share activities, extensions
• Printing via AirPrint
• Export in SVG
• Help topic videos

• New document format
• iTunes file sharing



• Rename graphs in batch mode
• Thumbnail graph list in landscape

• New graphics, icons and toolbars
• Better graph layout
• Better text display
• Better animation, interaction
• Faster render and scroll speed
• Faster font listing

• Graphviz 2.30.1
• Support iOS 7 and 8
• Support iPhone 5, 6, 6+ screens
• Support 64-bit processing
• Localized for Portuguese, Swedish, Traditional Chinese

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