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inSupply is made for small businesses and families in order to greatly simplify the task of inventory management and re-stocking. The app uses a forecasting algorithm to re-stock inventory based on historical usage, and automatically generates orders to make sure your items are always in supply.

Main Features:

iPhone 6s

– Automatic inventory order generation via inventory forecasting


– Order generation is optimized to replenish inventory in regular intervals
– Manual item ordering is supported, for any special case scenarios
– Team collaboration across multiple devices anywhere in the world (see below)
– Bar code scanner built-in to easily add new items and find existing ones
– Search items by name for quick lookup of items without a bar code
– Very responsive support team available for any help you need!

inSupply can operate in two different modes, depending on your needs. The most commonly used is multi-user mode, which fully unleashes the productivity power of inSupply. Running in multi-user mode, you can collaborate to build an awesome team of employees or family members, maximize productivity, and do it all from anywhere in the world.

– Any number of phones and people can access and manage the inventory
– User permissions allow for controlling which people can perform each type of change
– Your data is centrally stored on our servers, and we guarantee that you will never lose your data
– What you see is what you’ve got. Your screen is automatically updated as other people make changes.

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iPad Pro

– Your phone got run over by a truck? Install for free on your new phone and your data is back in seconds.

– One user, one device. Your data is all kept on your phone.
– Your data is not backed up to our servers, but it is automatically backed up to your computer during sync
– Upgrade to multi-user mode at any time to start collaborating as a team

Updated algorithm for item lookup by UPC

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