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IntelligentHomeCare – Easy Home Maintenance

Get your home and everything in it organized – and keep it that way. IntelligentHomeCare will help you turn your best intentions into a reality

IntelligentHomeCare keeps your house in good repair by reminding you when something is due for a maintenance check-up. And, if disaster strikes, the app keeps records and photos of all your possessions to give to the insurance company

IntelligentHomeCare is available for iPad, Mac and PC. It runs independently on any of those devices

There is an optional subscription available as an in-App purchase which allows you to share your information between devices. (A copy of IntelligentHomeCare needs to be purchased for each different device)

The subscription also lets store your information in the IM Cloud Service and get email reminders of your Things to do

How IntelligentHomeCare helps you:

• Track the contents of your home: See details and photos for each item you enter in the app and sort by space or category. Set reminders for maintenance, replacement, and warranty expiry and record costs and insurance values. Plus, there is an option to back it all up to the IM Cloud Service to access it anywhere

• Maintenance: Maintenance actions for over 500 regularly used items are included, or you can create your own custom actions. Assign actions to other people, change action frequencies to suit your preferences and add notes to remind yourself and help others with special requirements and preferences

• Things to do: Know what needs to be done and when. Filter your list by location, category, time period, type of task. Defer actions to a later date. Assign things to do to others. Print tailored lists to give to people. Option to send Things To Do to your email inbox – or to someone else’s – straight from the app

• Conservation: Assess your home’s current performance using the simple questionnaires, then use the app to monitor changes and see how close you are to achieving your conservation goals. There are separate assessments for water, energy, and recycling

• Reports: See comprehensive reports filtered to your needs. See a complete record of all your household items for insurance claims or estate planning. Even see a special report for the tax authorities for items you’ve donated. And finally, get a full history of all the maintenance you’ve done and when. Simply print or email your reports at the tap of a finger

• Address book: Keep all your home-related contacts in one place. View by Contact and Group. Email, Skype, go to website straight from the app. Create your own Groups and assign tasks directly to people in your address book

If you are looking for motivation to keep your home safe and up together – this is your app.

If you are looking for peace of mind – this is your app.

Got more than one home? IntelligentHomeCare works for up to five separate homes.

What our users are saying!

"This App will be worth its weight in gold in case of fire or flood. Having all my possessions listed with photos of them on their own and in their room setting will make insurance claims a cinch. The maintenance feature is really excellent. No excuse now for not doing what needs to be done to keep my family and me safe. A big, big thank you for a truly great product!"

"I love this App! It does just what it says it will do. I was never the most organized person in the world but I now know what I’ve got, where it is and what I need to do to maintain it. Best of all it sends me emails to remind me what needs to be done! Brilliant!"

"I would have bought this App for the Address Book alone!"

Download IntelligentHomeCare now and turn your best intentions into reality!

iOS8 compatibly fix: Fixed the image picker to allow the app to use photos from the built in camera

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