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Interior Plan 3D – ideas, blueprinters for house design

Interior Plan 3D is a unique and ideal tool for performing very high-resolution rendering easily and in real time. The new FastRadiosity engine lets you compute images in radiosity-even in preview. Another innovative feature of Artlantis is that 3D objects and vegetation can be used directly in the preview window by simply dragging and dropping them. This enables users to work on different scenarios quickly and to simulate true virtual scenes in a real environment.

Main Features:

– Choose from a wide range of building and decorating materials. Faux finishes, interior and exterior paint, wood floors, solid surfaces, blinds, stone and much more!
– Customizable cabinet styles and hardware for updating kitchens, bathrooms, libraries and more.
– Create the perfect finished cabinets with elegant countertops and crown trim.
– Quickly change out styles of bathroom tubs and showers then apply different colors and materials for a personalized new look.
– Use the Fireplace Designer to create a new fireplace or modify the existing one.
– Door and Window Designer tools let you add a personalized touch to your plans.
– Floor, Electrical, and Plumbing plans organize your drawing.

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Estimator keeps track of what you do and provides schedules of doors, windows and more.
– Bathroom: Experiment with fixture colors, add a new custom shower or bathtub, visualize how a granite countertop would look on your vanity, compare paint colors and wallpaper patterns, even change the lighting.

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– Home Office: Add cabinets and bookcases, change colors to give it that Library look, add from an extensive library of home office furnishings and equipment.
– Living Spaces: Experiment with furniture layouts, color and material combinations and lighting
– Media Room: Create the relaxing media room or a complete home theater. Drop in theater seating and home theater electronics. Add curtains over the screen and add a free-standing popcorn popper to add a real cinema experience.
– Garage: Plan your garage makeover! Add custom flooring, organize with drag and drop shelving, create a workshop area, or visualize your garage as new living space.
– Basement: Create an entertaining area, add an indoor putting green, add a work area from the workshop library or experiment with layouts of additional living space.

3D Features:
+ Set Heights by Absolute or Relative Position

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When editing objects, specify heights or offsets based on Absolute location in plan, or the object’s relative position to other plan locations.

+ Sun and Shadow Controls per Camera
Using the "Sun Rotates with the Camera" setting, you will always have a bright scene without being in shadow.

+ Cross-Section Slider with Multiple Cutting Planes
Choose up to six cutting planes in the Cross-Section Slider view and adjust the cutting distance for each plane to create unique and detailed views.

+ Paint One Wall
Quickly change the material on the surface of a single wall in a room.

+ 3D Mouse Support
Use a 3Dconnexion Mouse as your input device to efficiently navigate camera views.

+ 3D Navigation Overhaul
As you navigate in 3D, the camera follows your movement.

+ Cabinet Face Item Locking
Lock editing on cabinet face items as you modify a cabinet to more easily control the manipulation of the cabinet front. Size of appliances inserted into cabinet fronts are given higher

+ Cabinet Doors on Narrow Cabinets
Specify doors or drawers on cabinets narrower than 6".

+ Objects Bump at Casings
Move cabinets, furniture, or other objects and bump to stop their movement when encountering door and window casings.

+ Export Entire User Library
Easily backup and transfer User Library at the top level of the User Library Tree.

+ Symbol Object Specification Editable from Library
In addition to adjusting the Symbol Properties for unlocked library objects, edit the specifications like Layer and Label and save with the object in the Library.

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