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International Keyboard

Nothing feels quite like an old PC keyboard. The iPad does an excellent job with its built-in onscreen keyboard, but there are simply times when you need the real thing. International Keyboard offers full size ISO and ANSI keyboard layouts for over 40 languages. Faster typing and advanced features like dead keys equal a more productive mobile typing experience.


– Albanian
– Belarusian
– Belgian
– Bosnian
– Canadian (Multilingual, French)
– Croatian
– Danish
– English (UK, US, Dvorak, International)
– Estonian

iPad Pro

– Finnish

iheartradio awards

– French
– German (Standard, IBM)
– Greek
– Hungarian (QWERTZ, QWERTY)
– Icelandic
– Irish
– Italian

iPhone 6s Plus

– Latvian
– Norwegian
– Polish (Standard, Programmer)
– Portuguese
– Romanian (Standard, Programmer)
– Russian (Standard, Typewriter)
– Serbian (Cyril, Latin)


– Spanish (Standard, Latin American)
– Swedish
– Ukrainian


– See what you type
When you press a modifier key, all other keys change to show the effect. No more blind typing.

– Sticky keys
Modifier keys support both the normal hold-while-typing and the more intuitive tap-and-type behavior.

– Basic text editor
Save and load documents, and take advantage of the built-in auto-save feature. Access saved documents using iTunes File Sharing.

– Dead keys
Access accented letters and other special characters on certain keyboards using dead keys.


International Keyboard does not replace the built-in onscreen keyboard of your iPad in other applications. There is no way to do that at the moment. It does, however, offer several ways to export your work: trough copy-and-paste, e-mail and iTunes File Sharing.


All feedback (positive or negative) is appreciated. Personal e-mail based support is available for any issues you may have. If you find a bug, or if you have a cool idea, write to [email protected]

– Retina graphics
– Caps Lock button now works correctly on the UK keyboard
– Better memory management and iOS 6 compatibility

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