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Inventory for Homeowners

Encircle: Inventory for Homeowners makes it easy for homeowners, landlords and business owners to inventory and track their assets for financial planning, insurance claims, tenant damage claims and recovering stolen assets. Don’t take chances. Protect your assets.

By recording the details of a property using pictures the owner has detailed visual proof of the property and the assets inside thus protecting their most valuable investment. In addition to pictures the user can add as much details as desired for tracking purchase date, price, model and serial #s including text notes, picture notes and contacts. There’s no limit to what and how much you can track using Encircle.

Key Features:
– Easy to use interface for adding property, rooms, assets and asset details
– No limit to how many pictures or how much information can be added

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– Easy import from existing inventory
– Easy export functionality for insurance, relocation and moving, appliance repairs, home décor shopping
– Easy to update and manage inventory across smartphones, tablets and web
– Updates are automatically synchronized across all devices
– Easy tracking of model and serial #s, receipts, appraisals, insurance contracts, and important documents via pictures
– Outstanding customer support

– Performance & Stability improvements

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