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Investoscope 3

*** Full Version available as an In-App Purchase. Upgrade discount for prior customers ***

Investoscope is an all-in-one technical charting and portfolio tracking tool designed for individual investors.

With a detailed transaction record, Investoscope accurately reports your captal gains and losses, distributions and overall performance. The integrated technical charts and news help you investigate and analyze your current and potential future investments.


– Investoscope allows you to track any number of portfolios in any currency. Portfolio folders provide a consolidated view of multiple subportfolios.

– Watchlists allow you to organize and monitor instruments that you don’t necessarilly own. Smart Watchlist are dynamically updated using rules defined by you.

– Advanced technical charting. Investoscope lets you display a large number of different technical indicators with a large number of options for customizations.

– With a detailed transaction record in Investoscope, you immediately get several very useful reports, including: capital gains, income and performance reports.

– Keep up-to-date with the latest news. You can attach any number of news feeds (RSS or Atom) to your stocks, funds and other instruments.

– Investoscope’s portfolio pie charts lets you see how your assets are allocated into individual instruments, sectors, market caps, asset classes and more.


– Technical charts right inside Investoscope. Select from a large number of technical indicators with a large number of customization options. Annotate with lines and text.

– Group your data. All list views, i.e., instrument lists, holdings, transactions list, etc. now support grouping. For example you can holdings by market country, instrument type, sector or market cap.

– Vastly improved management of historical end-of-day quotes. You can now adjust quote for stock splits and import and export historical quotes from/to CSV.

– Improved transaction dialogs. For example Sell transactions can now be entered from anywhere. Stocks splits now applies globally to all your portfolios, so you only have to enter them once.


Investoscope 3 can import all your data from Investoscope 2. You will be able to continue using Investoscope 2, should you prefer to. If you have previously bought Investoscope 2, you are eligible for an upgrade discount for the full version of Investoscope 3.


If you have any questions regarding Investoscope, feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will usually respond within one business day. If you do not receive an answer within a few days it is probably because we did not receive your email or because our response could not get back to you. In that case, please check your spam filter and/or try mailing us again.

– Fixed an encoding issue in the news feeds that would cause all non-latin text to be garbled.

Mountain Lion

– Fixed an issue with the news feeds that could cause 100% CPU usage.
– Fixed an issue that could cause Investoscope to hang when entering complex text into the Notes field of an instrument.

MacBook Pro

CSV Importer: Now recognizes existing withdrawal transactions.

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