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Invisible !ηk

Invisible Ink hides the fact that you are communicating securely. This is the publicly released version of our custom software developed for journalists, activist groups, privacy advocates, private investigators, and other organizations. (Inquire about the custom version via [email protected])

Using encrypted email, social media, PGP and GPG are a good start, but they make it obvious that your messages are encrypted, telling people you have a secret.

If you’ve ever told someone you have a secret, but refused to tell them what it is, you know what happens next: they try their hardest to find out. If you don’t believe us, just look up encryption in the news.

That’s why people who are serious about private messaging use Invisible Ink to encrypt their text and conceal it as an innocuous "cover text". No other app comes close to this capability.

Disguises Available in Version 3:


Working hyperlinks to Amazon product pages, Driving directions, Grocery lists, Stock quotes, Football stats, Chinese propaganda (in Mandarin), and Complaints about your kids

Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, and all the other languages and Emojis available on iOS.

How it works:

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We use the military-grade AES-256 algorithm to encrypt your secret message. Second, we use linguistic steganography to make that encrypted cipher text look like a different message entirely. We are continually creating new cover text options that allow you to make your secret messages look like normal ones you might send or receive every day.

Encrypting a Message

1. First, you and your friend agree on a password you will use for your messages.

2. Type your message and hit the lock icon to encrypt and conceal it.

3. Enter the password at the prompt.

4. Select your cover text.

5. Choose from email, SMS, or Twitter, or copy the cover text into Facebook, Youtube, a blog, or any other website.

Decrypting a Message:

1. Shake your phone to clear the text window. Copy the entire message, including any spaces and carriage returns, into the Invisible Ink text window.

2. Hit the “unlock” icon and type the password at the prompt.

3. When you are finished reading, shake your phone again to erase all traces of the message from the phone’s memory.

Privacy Policy:

Our policy is simple – we will not collect, retain, or share anything about Invisible Ink users. Period. We do not disclose the identities of customers who buy custom versions. Verify our privacy policy using a packet sniffer — our app neither sends nor receive any data, only conceals text so you can send or post via your application of choice.

Feedback and Suggestions:

We would love to here from you at [email protected]

Public Testing:

CryptoJS is the platform we use to encrypt (i.e. secure) your messages, and it is available online. Please scrutinize to your heart’s content, and let us know if you find something wrong. We do not release the proprietary algorithms we use to disguise (i.e. obscure) your messages, because we consider these our secret sauce and what makes Invisible Ink unique.

Pro Tips:
– Cover text such as grocery lists work well for storing sensitive data in the Notes app.

– Shaking your phone clears both the screen and the clipboard.

-You can encrypt and conceal a blank message if you want.

-Choose a strong password for your messages.

-Your message is automatically copied to the clipboard when you hit the lock icon.

-You can edit the subject line of emails to include whatever you want.

UI updates for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

iPhone 6s

Users can now provide feedback, ratings and suggestions directly within the app.

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