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InVision Viewer

Easily view and comment on all your InVision prototypes with InVisionApp Viewer, a companion app for InVision!

Take the best of InVision with you on the go. With InVisionApp Viewer, you can collaborate with your team on prototypes and projects directly from your mobile device. Improve your team’s communication, and move at lightning speed no matter where you are.

With the Viewer, you’ll access and collaborate on your projects in real time. Read and comment on projects, live; reference all your design assets in Boards with a tap; record live audio, video, and screen interactions with users to make better UX decisions; enjoy a faster, higher-fidelity experience online and off; provide feedback directly in-app; and much more.

The improved InVisionApp Viewer includes the following features:

iPhone 7 Plus

– Access your prototypes on the go


– Read and add new comments to all your projects

iPhone 7s

– Easily access Boards for quick reference on creative assets
– Conduct invaluable user testing and record live interactions
– Enjoy offline support for all your prototypes
– Show or hide your status bar with just a click

View Prototype Share’s directly within InVision Viewer!
– Seamlessly view share links within InVision Viewer without the need to view in browser.
Bug Fixes

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