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IronMobile – Ironman Athlete Tracker

· Now you are able to track your favourite athletes via push notification during IronMan® 140.6 or 70.3 live events with Non-Renewal subscription (this new feature is completely optional and is offered as ‘In App Purchase’).

· You have access to the live results with our without subscription. The results for past events are also available up to 5 years! The App is Ads-free and there is no limit on the no of athletes you can follow.

· IronMobile is a mobile-friendly IM tracker app, designed specifically for iPhone/iPad. This is not an official Ironman® live results, but a collective effort to help spectator access the live results during Ironman® triathlon on iPhone/iPad, both in full and half distances.

· IronMobile provides opportunity to choose & store your favourite athletes on your device for monitoring their results during the event. The results would also be stored on your device for off-line access.

· IronMobile tries hard to optimize your data usage, therefore it doesn’t provide automatic updates of the results. However you are in control to use the pull-down feature on results page to refresh the results. You also have the option to subscribe to Push Notification to receive split alerts during live events.

· We appreciate your feedbacks. Please reach us by email or on twitter.
·· Email: [email protected]
·· Twitter: @ironmobile

· New App Icon
· Update ‘Tap2Notify’ button in real time based on event status

iPad Air 4

· Check connectivity status at different stages

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