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iStudio Publisher

Desktop Publishing for Mac. A powerful, easy-to-use page layout application, perfect for anything you want to layout and print.

iStudio Publisher makes it easy to create stunning, professional quality documents, including newsletters, brochures, adverts, flyers, invitations, menus, reports, posters, greetings cards, and yearbooks. Start with a professionally designed template or a blank document of any size.

If you’re new to desktop publishing and page layout, our video tutorials and Rapid Start Guide will get you up and running within minutes. Users of all ages and experience can master iStudio Publisher quickly.

Experienced users will love iStudio Publisher’s sophisticated features, such as writing text along any path, and building complex shapes with our drawing tools. You’ll also appreciate our comprehensive built-in help.

You can take any shape and add text, image, line stroke, solid or gradient color fill, drop shadow and text wrapping, with independent control over the style and opacity of each element.

The app’s user interface is clean, simple and intuitive, with everything in easy reach – you can spend more time creating, and less trying to find elusive features. It gives you all of the tools you need to create great looking documents, whether it’s for school homework projects or professional artwork. The comprehensive Inspectors hold everything to manage your layout and to format shapes, text and images.

The result is a uncluttered desktop that’s a pleasure to use, with more space for getting the job done.

iStudio Publisher has all of the features you’d expect from a layout package, such as:
• Character and paragraph styling
• Page and spread management
• Shape size and alignment
• Line style management
• Colour fill management
• Image management
• Shadows
• Text column management
• Text wrapping

It also has some great features that you might only expect in higher-end packages, such as:
• Multiple views of a document, with independent zoom and view settings, all live
• Write text in any shape, at any angle
• Write text along any line
• Flow text between any shapes and lines, across pages and spreads
• True spread editing – place content across the fold
• Adjustable snap grid
• Master pages
• Smooth pan and zoom up to 5000%
• Working space at the side of document pages, that isn’t printed
• Independently set opacity for line, fill, image and text
• Text inset for any shape
• Place columns in any shape


• Rulers that auto scale and auto label
• Work in live preview mode
• Auto save
• Show baselines, text glyph outlines and text runarounds
• Stretch text horizontally and vertically

Tools to help you design

MacBook Pro

• Comprehensive Shape Library
• Powerful Head Up Display shape creation
• Reshaping Tool – edit any shape’s nodes and curves

Powerful image manipulation


• Change DPI
• Comprehensive scaling and fitting options
• Align, flip and rotate images within shapes
• Image tiling – create a repeating pattern from a single image

Compatibility and sharing
• Paste in rich styled text
• Insert a wide range of media types including JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD, PDF, EPS and AI
• Export PDF, ePub and RTF files

Some features may require Internet access.

iStudio Publisher does not include support for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean (CJK) text input.

New: App Sandbox implemented.

natti natasha

Improved: Auto Save behavior.
Improved: If no documents are open, clicking Dock icon now shows Task Chooser.
Improved: Stack dumps resymbolized to enable Crash Reporter.
Fixed: Gradient color fill a grouped shape.
Fixed: Drag in PDF content.
Fixed: Resume behaviour.
Fixed: Device color issue.
Fixed: Custom page size name field.
Fixed: Stroke or fill rendering of a shadowed shape.

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